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Hello, I am Wesley Brawner, President of Brawner Renovations. Construction has been my passion throughout my entire life. From a young age, my father introduced me to the world of civil engineering in construction. I have vivid memories of climbing onto the dozer next to my dad excavating new building sites. Spending summers with my pawpaw taught me the fundamentals of carpentry, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical work.

Family has always been the cornerstone of my life. When I established Brawner Renovations, I knew I wanted to create spaces where families could come together and create cherished memories, just like the ones I hold dear from my own upbringing. At Brawner Renovations, we take pride in offering our clients an exceptional experience and delivering outstanding results. Contact us today, and let us bring your dream space to life.

A new composite deck and hot tub installation in Marietta.

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Wesley Brawner

Owner/General Contractor


Eddie Stone

Project Manager


Kenneth Carpenter

Design Specialist


heather Brawner



Kym Matthews

Office Manager

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